A Thankful Heart

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Being thankful and showing gratitude has a way of lifting your spirits when nothing else will. There’s nothing like helping someone else during their time of need. What are some things that you are grateful for? How often do you stop to reflect and show gratitude for the things you have in life? It is imperative that we learn to show appreciation for where we are in life and for what we currently have. Waiting until you have the perfect car, best house, six-figure income, and lavish lifestyle is not the time. The time is now. Showing gratitude now will create a mindset that will hopefully keep you grounded when the overflow begins to come into your life. If you haven’t been exemplifying gratitude now, you’ll most likely display a character of pride and haughtiness when you begin to receive your blessings. In all things we should give thanks. Begin to thank him for the not so great job and aggravating boss, the point A to point B car, and horribly decorated house. If you find appreciation for where you are now you would have disciplined yourself to show appreciation in all things. What are your grateful for?

Love -Your Biggest Fan

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I am a year 2 elementary school teacher. Year one was very overwhelming and suprisingly successful. I work at a Title I school that is in "turnaround" status. My school is currently in a transitioning phase for personalized learning after having a much success this past school year. I have been selected as a model classroom for personalized learning at my school and I have presented at one of the nation's largest personalized learning conferences, PL Summit hosted by EdElements. I had a great first year and am now ready to share with you my journey.

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