Dear Future Me

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If I told you to stop reading this and head over to Future Me to write a letter to your future self, what would it say? What key points would you make? Here is a snippet of what I would say to myself:

Dear FutureMe,

I see you girl being committed to your many roles in life! You must be tired from all the progress you’ve made. Sit down and take a load off.

First and foremost, thank you for staying committed to your dreams and goals. You’re doing great! Continue to pace yourself as you move forward, don’t forget “the race isn’t given to the swift.”

Have you practiced the art of saying no yet Misses Obliger? Probably not. And the school year, how is it going? I know you’re having a blast with your students and are teaching them some good stuff.

In all seriousness, go easy on yourself. Don’t overdo it; a slow steady pace is key. I have to admit, there’s not a lot of people that can handle your many responsibilities. Continue to acknowledge God so that He can continue to strengthen you and bless everything that your hands touch. Continue to ask questions. Continue to challenge your level of comfort. Do what no one else wants to do. Continue to be you.

Kiss the kids, hug the hubs. You are amazing and the very thing you’ve been praying for will soon burst from the heavens above.

Love you -Your Biggest Fan

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I am a year 2 elementary school teacher. Year one was very overwhelming and suprisingly successful. I work at a Title I school that is in "turnaround" status. My school is currently in a transitioning phase for personalized learning after having a much success this past school year. I have been selected as a model classroom for personalized learning at my school and I have presented at one of the nation's largest personalized learning conferences, PL Summit hosted by EdElements. I had a great first year and am now ready to share with you my journey.

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