the Mountaintop

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“It’s possible to climb to the top without stomping on other people.” -Taylor Swift

When I first read this quote my mouth dropped in awe of the truth that this statement holds. We can get to the top of any mountain without trampling over others. You don’t necesssarily have to bring someone with you. (If truth be told, there are quite a few that enjoy the view from the ground anyway.) However, if you find yourself climbing to the top, be sure to take note of your surroundings. You don’t have to be an underminding backstabber to get to where you’re going successfully. Stay focused on your goals. Strive to remain committed and watch the elevation. When you arrive at the peak, don’t forget to share with others how to get there too.

Love -Your Biggest Fan

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I am a year 2 elementary school teacher. Year one was very overwhelming and suprisingly successful. I work at a Title I school that is in "turnaround" status. My school is currently in a transitioning phase for personalized learning after having a much success this past school year. I have been selected as a model classroom for personalized learning at my school and I have presented at one of the nation's largest personalized learning conferences, PL Summit hosted by EdElements. I had a great first year and am now ready to share with you my journey.

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  1. Thank you, for this encouragement. Because many people try their best to keep others at a stand still position and if you not careful with those who are surrounding you with all their negativity then you will fine yourself discouraged not moving forward or maintaining your steadfastness. I’m learning that my success is not determined on others it’s in the plan and the blueprint that God has created my life to be. So in his timing I will be right in the place that is purpose for my life anyway without stomping on others. Keep the faith and stay strong in adversity.

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