A Georgia native, Shaundra is a devoted educator by day and an entrepreneur by night. Shaundra has always had a love for writing and storytelling as a young child. As she matured into adulthood, she found a profound passion for public speaking and encouraging others.

She is an extremely proud wife of seven years to her husband Jamon. Together, they have two beautiful children. This couple has built their marriage and family upon biblical principles and encourage all that they meet to do the same.

When Shaundra is not perfecting her craft as a highly-effective educator, she perfects her gift of writing and ministry. Shaundra enjoys mentoring young scholars as well as encouraging adults. She believes that we all have the ability to learn and cultivate the gifts and talents that God has placed on the inside of us. She knows that some seeds develop and grow into plants faster than others; and that they don’t all need the same amount of sunlight and water. She never meets a stranger and she is sure to greet everyone that she meets with a warm smile and uplifting conversation. She truly has a way of lighting up the room. An introvert at heart, you’d never know it because her communication skills and personality scream otherwise.

She is a dynamic servant-leader and Christian. She possesses a hosts of talents but finds fulfillment in carrying out her purpose as God’s servant. In the summer of 2020, she decided to perfect her gift of writing and blogging. God spoke to her in a vision and she was directed to begin The Faith Stir, LLC. Being a firm believer that all things should be done in a spirit of excellence, she began perfecting her craft and curating her content for her next level of service. Without further ado…

“Some journeys were meant to be taken alone, while others were meant to attract a crowd. Whoever you are and whatever you do, I hope that each shared experience leaves you with an encouraging takeaway that ignites a flame within you and propels you to respond! Welcome my friends. It’s time to go beyond the surface and enter the realm of true manifestation of all that God has for us!”

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