Who We Are

True leaders show up that they may serve others not to be served.

The Faith Stir, LLC

Founded in May 2020, the Faith Stir was established to serve the body of Christ through ministry and literature.


The Faith Stir strives to inspire, cultivate, and engage others to live a life of committed pursuit by engaging their faith at its maximum potential.


Apostle Paul was imprisoned and awaiting his execution when he reached out to Timothy to encourage him to keep his gift ignited. We believe that everyone has a gift worth stirring and that every gift is to be stirred by the influence of God’s Word and vision for our lives. It is the vision of the Faith Stir that every woman be edified and established in faith that her gift reach its maximum potential, experiencing the fullness of God’s gift and love for us, bringing God the ultimate glory. (2 Timothy 1:6, NKJV).


Be FAITHFUL – stand on the promises of God

Be COURAGEOUS – boast in God even when no one is looking

Be TRUE – be unapologetically true to your purpose and calling




4519 Woodruff Rd Ste 4 PMB 1052 Columbus, GA 31904

Let’s make something together.

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